What To Do During A Bush Fire

What To Do During A Fire

• Follow your Bush Fire Survival Plan.
• If you do not have a Bush Fire Survival Plan, ensure you know what you will do before, during and after the fire.
• Remember – leaving early is your safest option.

Before the fire:
• Put on your protective clothing
• Turn on the radio to keep yourself informed.
• Bring pets inside and keep them in one room.
• Close all windows and doors
• Block spaces beneath doors and windows with wet towels
• Fill buckets, sinks and bath tubs with water ready to put out spot fires
• Have your firefighting equipment like pumps and hoses connected to your water supply
• Block downpipes and fill gutters with water
• Remove items which can burn from around your home like outdoor furniture
• Bring ladders inside to check roof space for embers
• Patrol the outside of your home putting out any embers or spot fires
• Just before the fire arrives, wet down timber decks and gardens close to the house
• Move any firefighting equipment to a place where it will not get burnt

During the fire:
• Go inside but stay alert
• Shelter in a room on the opposite side of the house from the approaching fire and one that has a clear exit out of the house
• Patrol inside the house, including the roof space looking for sparks and embers
• Protect yourself from the heat of the fire
• If your life is at risk, call triple zero (000)

Once the fire has passed:
• Check your roof spaces
• Go outside and put out any part of your house which is alight
• Check under the house and any decks
• Check on your pets and animals
• Embers or sparks can start spot fires for many hours after the fire has passed
• If you can, contact your family and friends and check on your neighbours

For more information, visit the NSW Rural Fire Service Website.

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